About Us
Get to know our organization!

“Make no small plans!
For they do not have the power to stir men’s hearts.”
-Daniel Burnham, one of the architects of the Depot

Our Mission

The primary objective of this corporation shall be to provide a vehicle for ­coordination, advancement, promotion, and administration of all phases of the arts in Creston, Iowa, and the surrounding area.


Our History


The Creston: Arts Council, a 501(c)3 non-profit, has been serving this community since 1977. In 2011 a new group of volunteers took over and began art programming; such as Summer Art Camp, Chalk the Town, and the Depot Art Gallery.

Our Board

Laura Granger, President

Brian Zachary, Vice-President and Secretary

Ash Hays, Student Representative

Brendan Millslagle, Student Representative



In late 2019, Iowa State Savings Bank gifted the building located at 411 W. Adams St. in Uptown Creston to the Creston Arts Council to be renovated as a community art center. The building was in need of major restoration. In 2020, we launched our Capital Campaign for the building renovation. In 2021, the renovation is almost complete as we move forward with programming.

Having our own building will allow us to expand our existing programming and create more art opportunities in the community. We will be able to increase the number of weeks that we offer Summer Art Camp and bring back Open Mic Night. Community donations are what make this possible. Click the link to donate today!



Current Programs: 

  • Chalk the Town: We partner with the Creston Chamber to decorate the town for the thousands of visitors who come for Independence Day celebrations. This ­program ­incorporates youth by inviting them to help create chalk murals for ­local ­businesses all over town. We give out over 300 packs of chalk to kids to create these amazing murals. Our downtown “Walk of Chalk” is a way to proudly ­represent all the great businesses that help to build our community. This ­oppurtunity provides a chance for the youth to participate in Community Engagement while also showing support to local businesses. 

  • Summer Art Camp: Held in the Art Center in the last three weeks of June, this program is the perfect way to keep your child exploring their creativity during the ­summer. ­Classes start with kindergarten to fifth-grade students in the morning and sixth to eighth-grade students in the afternoon. High school students are ­invited to ­volunteer and work on leadership skills. Art Camp is a place where we celebrate diversity and ­inclusion among our students, assistants, and instructors. All are welcome and all are ­encouraged to ­express themselves and their culture through art. At Art Camp, students are ­encouraged to explore a variety of projects. Many of these ­activities focus on ­using found and repurposed objects. Send your kids to camp and see what they can ­create!

Our scholarship program was a huge success thanks to Iowa State ­Savings Bank and Iowa Developmental Disability Council, who were our 2020 ­Sponsors. We were extremely proud to have received 67% scholarships, which meant that 36 kids were able to get the Art in a Box set. This was three times the number of students we were able to help in the ­previous year! Without these scholarships, these students may have not been able to ­participate in Art Camp at all. We are currently seeking corporate sponsorship of the 2021 Art Camp so that we can offer more scholarships while maintaining the high quality of our instructors and materials. Will you help us send those kids to Art Camp? $100 will pay for one Art in a Box set. Please donate, however small!

  • The Depot Gallery: The Gallery is a place to showcase local talent and bring in ­various ­visiting artists. The Depot Gallery is free and is open 6 days a week or by ­appointment. We host an Artist’s Reception at the gallery on the First ­Friday of each month 6-8 pm in the evening. Currently, we are working with The Young ­Professionals Group and other Uptown retailers to stay open late and have special events on the First Fridays of 2021. Artists, call Brian Zachary at ­641-247-1663 to schedule a show.


  • Public Art: The Mentor Mural Mash-up Program has been a huge success, ­creating over 36 ­vibrant murals around the community so far! This program engages youth who have community service hours by having them work with amazing artists in creating murals. The group has worked with many artists locally and across the country. This year we plan to work with even more talented artists and reach out further to more surrounding communities. The program even ­attracted the attention of Iowa PBS who has created a short documentary about the ­project. Check out the episode about the mural project filmed by Creston's own Laurel Bower of PBS!


Creston Arts would like to give a huge thank you to these people and businesses that have made donations to our programs, furnished items for our Silent Auction, or donated time to our programs!