Creating Community Engagement

Public Art: Murals

The Mentor Mural Mash-up Program has been a huge success, ­creating over 36 ­vibrant murals around the community so far! This program engages youth who have community service hours by having them work with amazing artists in creating murals. The group has worked with many artists locally and across the country. This year we plan to work with even more talented artists and reach out further to more surrounding communities. The program even ­attracted the attention of Iowa PBS who has created a short documentary about the ­project. Check out the episode about the mural project filmed by Creston's own Laurel Bower of PBS!

Summer Art Camp

Held in the Art Center in the last three weeks of June, this program is the ­perfect way to keep your child exploring their creativity during the ­summer. ­Classes start with kindergarten to fifth-grade students in the morning and sixth to eighth-grade students in the afternoon. High school students are ­invited to volunteer and work on leadership skills. Art Camp is a place where we celebrate diversity and ­inclusion among our students, assistants, and instructors. All are welcome and all are ­encouraged to ­express themselves and their culture through art. At Art Camp, students are ­encouraged to explore a variety of projects. Many of these ­activities focus on ­using found and repurposed objects. Send your kids to camp and see what they can ­create!

Chalk the Town

We partner with the Creston Chamber to decorate the town for the ­thousands of visitors who come for Independence Day celebrations. This ­program ­incorporates youth by inviting them to help create chalk murals for ­local ­businesses all over town. We give out over 300 packs of chalk to kids to create these amazing murals.  Our downtown “Walk of Chalk” is a way to proudly ­represent all the great businesses that help to build our community. This ­opportunity provides a chance for youth to participate in community engagement while also showing support to local businesses.