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Updated: Nov 3, 2023

November 3rd, 2023 Creston, Iowa — In an evolving chapter for the artistic landscape of uptown Creston, the iconic "Through the Looking Glass" mural by Nicole Salgar, located at 114 North Maple Street, is currently undergoing a removal process.

The mural, a collaborative masterpiece involving local Creston Community High School students, volunteers, and the esteemed muralist Nicole Salgar, has graced the wall with vibrant colors and creativity since 2020. However, the mural’s temporary status was always known, as the adjacent lot was slated for eventual construction. That plan has since changed, and in response to these changes, the building owner is taking steps to preserve the structural integrity of the building by adding a proper exterior wall.

The wall, once completed, will be repainted by CCHS students in partnership with a professional muralist.

"While the removal of the mural may seem bittersweet, it marks a transition rather than an end,” said Brian Zachary, Creston Arts board president. "Through the Looking Glass has not only been a visual delight but has played a pivotal role in inspiring the community's interest in large-scale murals."

The mural holds a special place in Creston's history, serving as a catalyst for the Mural Mentor Program. The involvement of local students and volunteers in its creation sparked a passion for public art, with other building owners expressing a desire to contribute to the evolving tapestry of Creston's uptown area.

"We view this transition as an opportunity for growth and new artistic expressions," said Sarah Scull, Creston Arts board member. "It's heartening to see how it paved the way for the community's embrace of public art."

The removal process is being conducted with utmost care to ensure the preservation of the mural's essence. Plans are already underway to commemorate the mural's impact on Creston with an event that celebrates its legacy and the spirit of artistic collaboration.

The Creston Arts Mentor Mural Program has been made possible with the support of Creston Community High School, Creston Arts, local businesses and volunteers, the Department of Health and Human Services, Creston and Leon Cluster Decategorization projects, Juvenile Court Services, CWC, Conover Family Trust, Knock Family Foundation, Iowa Arts Council, and the National Academy of Design.

About Creston Arts

Creston Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit that has served the Creston Area since 1977. Our mission is to enrich the lives of Southwest Iowans by bridging the community to the arts through coordination, advancement, promotion, and administration of all phases of the arts in Creston and the surrounding area. For more information, a calendar of upcoming events, or to make a donation to further our mission, visit or call 641-351-7634.


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