We partner with the Creston Chamber to decorate our town for the thousands of visitors who come for the 4th of July. Our “Walk of Chalk” is a way for great Creston businesses that are not on the Parade Route to be represented. We give out over 300 packs of chalk to kids yearly! This enables our youth to participate in the community. Thank you to all of the businesses who sponsor us every year!

Chalk the Town

The Gallery is a place to showcase local talent, as well as bring visiting arts, to inspire us, entertain us, and enrich our lives with its presence. The Depot Gallery is free and is open 6 days a week or by appointment. We host an Artist’s Reception at the gallery on the First Friday of each month 6-8 in the evening. We are working with other Uptown retailers to stay open late and have special events on First Fridays

The Art Gallery at the Depot

Three weeks of kids and art projects in June each year. We have young kids in the morning and older kids in the afternoon. We focus on turning found household materials into art. Send your teens to volunteer and work on leadership skills!


Art Camp is a place where we celebrate diversity among our students, assistants and instructors. All are welcome and all are encouraged to express themselves and their culture through art.

Summer Art Camp

Creston Arts partnered with the UCDA to paint a quilt on the intersection of Adams and Maple. The first time was beautiful, but short lived. Merely a test run, Creston arts worked with the UCDA and the City of Creston to seek grants to have a permanent street quilt painted in 2019. The Mural was placed in October. Creston arts also requested grants for a Mural and the public sculpture associated with the 150th anniversary of Creston.

Public Art

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